Solar: The Winning Combination of Nature and Technology

More solar energy hits the earth every hour than we need to power the earth for an entire year. That’s 430 quintillion Joules! Solar PV and Solar Water Heating combine this wildly abundant resource with technology and have been in development since the 1860s.


Natural_resource_and_technology_solar_2With increasing performance of up to 24% efficiency in modern PV panels, it’s easy to see why so many people are going Solar. Solar Water Heating is so efficient that it can be viable year-round. Its main purpose is to reduce electricity consumption, with efficiencies of up to 85% it’s a quick way to cut electricity bills and save over $1000 per year for the average New Zealand household when compared to electrical only water heating. With water heating systems starting from $5,500 including installation the buy-back periods have decreased significantly, which may well account for the rise in popularity in recent years.

Natural_resource_and_technology_solar_4The latest solar water heating systems use evacuated tubes and are designed to blend into most roofs. These tubes have revolutionised the solar industry in recent years and can now be attached to an existing hot water cylinder. They act like double glazed windows to stop heat loss and as the water is kept insulated throughout the whole process, solar energy is gained even in low temperatures.

The best time to install Solar PV (electricity) is once the household has taken energy efficiency measures for example solar water heating, double glazing and insulation. This ensures that the energy generated is being used efficiently, and that the electrical loads are better managed.

Natural_resource_and_technology_solar_3Solar system set ups vary depending on each individual household needs, so it’s best to speak with a solar company who is able to advise on the best option for your needs and provide some holistic solutions.

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