Should I Get Off Grid Or Grid Connected Solar?

When selecting a solar system for your home or business, the biggest question always asked is should I go with a grid connected or off grid system?

The biggest deciding factor to the answer to that question is generally where your home or place of business is placed, rural or city centered. Grid connected systems need to be connected to mains power, therefore require a mains power system to be available.

on_grid_solar Grid Connected Solar Systems.
Grid connected solar systems work without batteries to store their power. Rather, they are connected to the mains power grid and feed the grid with power. You then use your solar power to power your home and don’t get billed unless you exceed the amount of power your system has made. The benefit to these systems is that your power is immediately available, and if you don’t produce enough power you still have electricity available. The mains power grid essentially acts as a maintenance free battery that provides instant, unlimited power.

Off_grid_solarOff Grid Solar
Off grid solar systems are fully disconnected from the power mains and rely on batteries to store their power. During the day when the sun is out, the batteries get charged at the same time your home gets powered. At night, and on rainy days when the sun is not out, the power stored in your batteries is then used to power your home. There is no connected to the main power grid.

Off grid systems tend to cost more than grid connected systems mainly due to the battery cost. While the other aspects of the solar system as similarly priced, batteries continue to be rather expensive. So while the off grid system is generally quite appealing due to it’s benefits, a bigger initial investment is often required.