Underfloor Heating


Underfloor heating is the most comfortable form of heat.

  • No drafts
  • Only a small amount of moving parts ­ therefore extremely durable
  • At a similar price to other forms of whole house heating
  • It is the only form of heating that heats from the ground up rather than from the roof down meaning warm feet and cool head rather than the other way around

With over 20 years experience in heating homes in both the UK and New Zealand ­ we have brought together a unique package which provides a quality, cost effective system to heat your home.

Rehau underfloor heating: Rehau pipe is made in Germany, it has all the certifications for large commercial to small domestic uses. It has an oxygen barrier in the pipe to ensure that pipe does not breakdown over the years through oxygen bubbles eroding pipe bends.


OJ Electronic controls provide the latest in temperature control. With PID control, the
thermostats predict the temperature rise in a home and shut off the heat early to stop over heat issues. We can use floor probes to give best response to changes in the environment for example solar gain. We also as standard use individual room and zone thermostats ­meaning the heat goes to where it is needed rather than send heat to the whole house all at once. All together this system supplies the greatest comfort at the lowest running cost of all
underfloor heating systems on the market. OJ electronics also offer a WiFi package so you can heat your house from your PC or smart phone.

We also provide Purmo radiators, Myson Fan Convectors and a full range of heating controls, both hard wired and wireless.

Contact our design team to discuss and plan a system to best meet your needs and budget.