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A lot of houses have a place that is dull and dreary, with little or no sun getting in. We can
bring light to these places with our range of Suntrenz sky lighting systems.

Our Skylight systems have been made with the New Zealand customer in mind. Made in New Zealand, for New Zealand; we are equipped to understand the unique environment of our country. The harsh environment requires a well built, durable product that can withstand sun, wind, rain, hail and snow.

The Suntrenz range has only one roof component ­ which matches your existing roof profile and is least likely to leak. They are made to fit most concrete tile, steel decorative or corrugated roofs.

Advantages over more traditional skylights

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  • Low profile
  • Colour matched to your roof
  • Maintenance free
  • Non­corrosive
  • Lower prices means more light for your dollar
  • 10 year guarantee from leaks
  • 10 year guarantee on tops
  • Made in New Zealand for New Zealand conditions

How does my skylight work?

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Skylights work to capture and transfer light from the roof to the room. Our New Zealand made skylights have been manufactured to maximise available light. It’s simple design is able to capture light and transfer it from morning till dusk ­ as long as there is light in the sky.

The captured light is reflected down the super tube light shaft and into the room. The highly reflective super tube light shaft intensifies the sunlight and provides maximum light availability. The light from the shaft enters the room through the diffuser.

It’s design spreads the light over a wider area than the spot light effect seen in some more traditional models. Tubular skylights consist of a transparent dome on the roof, a light shaft and a diffuser in the ceiling.

Two types of Skylight Tubes

Rigid Tube
The rigid tube is our most efficient option for transferring light. It’s smooth sides maximise light transfer.

Concertina Tube
The light transferred is considerably reduced, but is a cost effective option.