Solar ServicingSolar_PV_Service_&_Maintenance

There are many Solar Companies that have come and gone over the last ten years, leaving a trail of poor quality product and often poor quality workmanship.

Sunshine Solar offers a solar service package, one of our experienced plumbers will come and go over the system to make sure it is working efficiently, and identify any area where work might be needed. They will also clean the panel for you and check your controller is still programmed to best meet your needs.

The Solar System does not need to be a Sunshine Solar system
Our guys have been busy replacing tired old Flat panel systems that often have not survived the winter. Azzuro evacuated tube closed loop systems repressurisation and in many cases we have been able to replace frost damaged systems through home and contents insurance.

The Standard servicing package includes:

Full check of all pipework for leaks or corrosion.
Check on insulation
Ensure all temperature probes are still inserted and working correctly.
Check for leaks on the roof.
Check for tubes that have been broken or lost vacuum.
Cleaning of the collector.
Check controller programming

A closed loop service also covers:
Refilling and pressurising of Glycol of a flat plate solar system.

The price does not include:
Any plumbing work that may be found to be required.
Replacement of broken tubes unless under warranty.

Periodic Maintenance

To ensure correct system operation and to retain your component warranty, the system must be maintained in accordance with the recommended levels of maintenance outlined below. Periodic maintenance should consist of the following;

Every 6 Months

  • Wash off dirt & debris (if required)
  • Check drains free of obstructions



  • Check solar panels for shading
  • Check thermal and pressure relief valves and pressure relief valves for
  • correct operation
  • Check tempering valve for correct water temperature
  • Check for worn seals around the solar panel
  • Check cables to thermocouple sensors
  • Check temperature sensor displayed temperatures
  • Check electrical system and water booster heater
  • Check pump and differential controller operation

3 years


  • Check system and connections for leaks
  • Replace pressure and thermal relief valves
  • Replace cylinder sacrificial anodes
  • Clean out strainers

WARNING: Glass tubes are fragile when removed from Solar Panel. Care must be taken around broken glass and appropriate safety precautions taken when climbing
on roofs.