Why go solar?

  • Solar energy is free.
  • It will significantly reduce your cost of living ­ hot water is by far the largest part of yourpower bill.
  • Solar panels add value to your property.
  • Power rates have increased three times the rate of inflation over the past 10 years.
  • Power prices will continue to rise with higher demand, selling of state assets to profit driven companies and the need for more infrastructure.
  • With low interest finance available, solar will give you a positive cash flow from day one.

There is very little you can do that will save you more money on your home than investing in Solar Water
Heating.Energy Efficiency is being preached from all directions in the marketplace, from double glazed windows, to insulation and heatpumps. This is all admirable but if you really want to get bangs for your bucks you need to start at the areas that you can make the biggest savings. Did you know that for a modern house most of the standard energy efficient measures would have been taken care of LED lighting comes as standard, insulation standards are relatively good and appliances are Energy star rated.

The only two things that are bucking this Energy reduction trend are that we are building bigger houses therefore requiring a bit more power but more significantly that our showers are no longer the low pressure 6 litres per minute coming out of our shower heads but more like 15‐20L per minute.

A solar water heater will save you more than double glazing, LED lights, Energy star rated appliances and new insulation combined!
This means to get the nice shower that you love you are paying double what you would have in the 1990’s for energy to heat the water. It also means that for the average modern house hot water is typically half of your power bill.
There are many solutions that you can use to become energy efficient in your showers including energy efficient showerheads. The most effective solution however is to install Solar Water heating as the most cost effective way to heat your water.
EECA under the energywise program has tested and modelled the different ways to heat your water and taken the capital cost and the running cost into account over a 10 year period. Solar almost always comes out as the best option in terms of the cheapest way to heat your water. This calculator compares the return on hot water systems and you can compare Solar against electric, gas, and heatpump water heating systems. (All of which our installers can also supply, install and advise on.

Typical household power usage in New Zealand homes

For most households water heating is usually 30 – 50% of your energy bill.
The graph on the left shows how with a $300 power bill, a Sunshine Solar system could save you $90 a month!pie presentation

How easy is it to go solar?

Going solar is very easy. We can retrofit onto most existing cylinders. If you require a new cylinder we can install a solar ready cylinder for not much more cost than a standard cylinder.
The installation itself usually only takes 1 day for a standard install.
Once installed, there is very little maintenance required on the system.


STEP 1 Call Sunshine Solar and ask for an assessment of your current hot water system

STEP 2 Assessor will look at your property and come up with a fixed quote along with projected payback on your investment.

STEP 3 We will take care of the building consent if required by your local council.

STEP 4 Installation and enjoy your savings.

How much will it cost and what is the return like?

It costs the average person $400 per year in hot water costs, so for a family of 4 this is around $1,600.

A well sized Energystar solar system will save between 70 and 85% of your hot water costs therefore the return on solar will be based on your usage, your cylinder size, and the time of year. With the price increases of electricity significantly outstripping inflation the return on your solar system will increase over time.

Over a 10 year period a solar system should have paid itself off at least twice.

The costs will vary depending on which system you go with and what your existing setup is. To get a confirmed price please contact our sales consultant in your area. Our evacuated tube system was designed by a German designer for New Zealand conditions.

The tubes are evacuated like double glazed windows, stopping heat loss out of the system.

Comes with a solar controller installed to manage your hot water system.

ET20 evacuated tube system
Suitable for 1­2 people
Price from $5,136.00 installed

ET30 evacuated tube system
Suitable for 3­4 people
Price from $5,922.00 installed

ET40 evacuated tube system
Suitable for 5­6 people
Price from $6,890.00 installed

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