SR81Q_Controller. The SR81Q Intelligent Solar Controller
for split pressurized solar hot water systems.

Old SR868C8Q updated version
Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1C
10 push buttons at the front cover.
With separately keypad

1* Pt1000 temperature sensor
5* NTC10K, B=3950 temperature sensor
1* Grundfos Direct Sensor TM (VFS) analog input
1* FRT digital flow meter

1 * Semiconductor relay, Max current: 1A
2 * Electromagnetic relay, Max. Current: 2A
1 * Electromagnetic relay, Max. Current: 10A
1 * Low voltage relay for linkage with HR(on/off signal)
1* PWM frequency control output (0-10V)

Function: running time accumulation, tube collector function, timing heating function, pump speed control, thermal energy measuring, external heat exchanger, system parameters adjust, optional function adjust (menu), balance and diagnose function.

  • Power supply: AC100…240V ~(50…60Hz)
  • Rated impulse voltage: 2.5KV
  • Housing: Plastic ABS
  • Mounting: Wall mounting
  • Operation: 10 push buttons at the front cover
  • Protection type: IP40
  • Dimension of display: 120*120*18mm
  • Dimension of controller board: 200*140*43mm

Note: there are 5 inputs for NTC10K, B=3950 temperature sensor, but only 4 sensors are included in the standard delivery list; the other one should be purchased separately by customer if necessary.

PDF Downloads

SR81Q Owner’s Manual