Can I Have Both Solar Water Heating And Solar Electric?

Another big decision to be made when deciding to go with a solar system is whether you want solar water heating or solar electric system. Here we will outline the benefits of both.

solar_electric_systemsSolar Electric
Solar electric systems are designed to use solar power to provide power to your home through the means of PV solar panels. They either make use of batteries or the mains power grid (as discussed in our previous blog post about on grid vs off grid solar here) to store the power they collect from the sun. These systems can greatly reduce and sometimes eliminate your energy costs, depending on how much sun is available and the design of your system.

Solar Water Heating
Solar water heating systems are designed to use the heat provided by the sun to heat your water through the means of solar thermal panels mounted on your roof. solar_water_heating_systems]The water circulates through the panels and the system to heat up and then is stored in a hot water cylinder. These systems work to replace gas water heaters or electric water heaters, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Can you have both system in your home? Yes you can. However, they are separate systems and cannot be combined into one. It is recommended if you want to heat your water through solar to get a solar water heating system for the water, and a solar electric system for all other electrical needs in  your home.