The Benefits Of Grid Connected Solar Heating

One of the most common types of solar system available these days is the grid connected system. What is this system and what are the benefits? Here we will discuss these and why you should consider a grid connected solar system for your home.

The main feature of the grid connected solar system is that it is connected to the main power grid. This means a number of benefits, from the lack of need for storage batteries to the potential to actually get paid for the power your system produces and feeds into the system. So how does this all work?

how_grid_connected_solar_worksA grid connected solar system works by power being produced through the means of Photovoltaic solar panels, which is then fed into the your home’s power system which is hooked up to the mains power grid. How much your system produces and feeds into the system is monitored as well as how much you use, and any extra is fed into the mains power grid. Depending on your electricity company, this power is then credited back to you. If your system doesn’t produce enough power, you have the option to use the mains power. You are not cut off, as you would be with an off grid system. The other benefit is that you don’t need to have any batteries to store the power you produce with these types of systems, which means less upfront costs and less parts to maintain.

Grid connected systems are ideal in areas where you have access to the mains power grid, such as suburbs or inner city homes. If you live in a main city, these systems are perfect for you. Get in touch with us if you would like to discuss the options for a grid connected solar system for you home.