Can I Have Both Solar Water Heating And Solar Electric?

Another big decision to be made when deciding to go with a solar system is whether you want solar water heating or solar electric system. Here we will outline the benefits of both.

solar_electric_systemsSolar Electric
Solar electric systems are designed to use solar power to provide power to your home through the means of PV solar panels. They either make use of batteries or the mains power grid (as discussed in our previous blog post about on grid vs off grid solar here) to store the power they collect from the sun. These systems can greatly reduce and sometimes eliminate your energy costs, depending on how much sun is available and the design of your system.

Solar Water Heating
Solar water heating systems are designed to use the heat provided by the sun to heat your water through the means of solar thermal panels mounted on your roof. solar_water_heating_systems]The water circulates through the panels and the system to heat up and then is stored in a hot water cylinder. These systems work to replace gas water heaters or electric water heaters, and both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Can you have both system in your home? Yes you can. However, they are separate systems and cannot be combined into one. It is recommended if you want to heat your water through solar to get a solar water heating system for the water, and a solar electric system for all other electrical needs in  your home.

Should I Get Off Grid Or Grid Connected Solar?

When selecting a solar system for your home or business, the biggest question always asked is should I go with a grid connected or off grid system?

The biggest deciding factor to the answer to that question is generally where your home or place of business is placed, rural or city centered. Grid connected systems need to be connected to mains power, therefore require a mains power system to be available.

on_grid_solar Grid Connected Solar Systems.
Grid connected solar systems work without batteries to store their power. Rather, they are connected to the mains power grid and feed the grid with power. You then use your solar power to power your home and don’t get billed unless you exceed the amount of power your system has made. The benefit to these systems is that your power is immediately available, and if you don’t produce enough power you still have electricity available. The mains power grid essentially acts as a maintenance free battery that provides instant, unlimited power.

Off_grid_solarOff Grid Solar
Off grid solar systems are fully disconnected from the power mains and rely on batteries to store their power. During the day when the sun is out, the batteries get charged at the same time your home gets powered. At night, and on rainy days when the sun is not out, the power stored in your batteries is then used to power your home. There is no connected to the main power grid.

Off grid systems tend to cost more than grid connected systems mainly due to the battery cost. While the other aspects of the solar system as similarly priced, batteries continue to be rather expensive. So while the off grid system is generally quite appealing due to it’s benefits, a bigger initial investment is often required.


How Can Solar Benefit My Business?

Solar can have many benefits when used in business. No doubt you will always be looking for ways you can save and maximise your profits, and solar is just the thing to help.

First and foremost, solar will reduce your operating costs greatly. By having a solar system installed, it is like having prepaid almost 40 years of energy bills. However, your current cost per unit for energy is likely much higher than what you would pay for solar power, resulting in even greater savings.

Solar also provides an excellent return on investment, and the decreasing of solar equipment costs means that the utilization of solar is a very good investment and an excellent financial decision for both small and large businesses. Investing in solar will generate both long-term savings and quick returns.

solar_for_your_businessAnother benefit of solar is that it is a relatively maintenance free system, requiring little to maintenance at all. This is especially true with systems that do not use batteries. Solar systems can be expected to provide electricity reliably for 25 to 40 years. Most solar panels also come with a 25 year warranty.

Solar also provides a greener alternative for solar power, benefiting not only your company image but also the planet long term, which is beneficial for everyone.

Talk to us today about how solar can benefit your business and let us find a solution for you.


Why Convert To Solar?

Solar is becoming more and more popular these days with an increasing number of people considering converting to a solar system for their home. So what actually are the benefits of a solar system?


Solar is a free energy which everyone can take advantage of with the use of a solar system. Solar can provide a considerable saving on your power bill, especially when used for water heating since that is a large portion of your electricity bill.

Not only that, but solar is the greenest energy production system available, keep things clean and healthy for both you and the environment.

If you live in a rural area, solar is even more beneficial to you through the use of an off the grid system.

Having a well designed system is the key to maximising efficiency and in return, maximising your savings. As experts in the solar field, we are able to work with you to figure out your exact requirements and design a system that will work best for you. Talk to us today and let us find the solar solution y

ou are looking for.

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